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Picture of MeI’m Jerome Hollon. I live in Kentucky and am your typical nerd with an electric bill that’s always too high. I dabble with microprocessors and stuff, but my real passion, my real love is software development. I started with HTML (yeah, I know, not a programming language) way back in middle school. I put together a gallery of dragon images on geocities. I had no real idea what I was doing until I decided to improve my storefront on Neopets. That’s when I discovered what web browsers actually did, and how to control it. From there I progressed into PHP and that quarky language everyone loves, Javascript. I did the typical building a webpage for my school thing, and started a couple of other websites that never were finished. I went on to high school and college and learned lots of other languages, but I had already discovered my love. Web development and software engineering.

I can hear you saying, “You learned software engineering using PHP?” Well, not at first. I was exposed to real software development when I started reading blogs, especially Joel Spolsky’s and Jeff Atwood.

I’ve recently founded my own startup company: Hollon Consulting. Were I write webpages and design software for interested parties.

Why Am I Blogging?


I am blogging for myself. But you’re welcome to enjoy it too. I want to record my thoughts and my journey to self-improvement so that everyone can benefit, and offer input. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it; and I hope you learn as much from my blog as I learned writing.

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